An energy-efficient home from PassivDom

//An energy-efficient home from PassivDom
An energy-efficient home from PassivDom 2020-01-30T14:16:52+00:00

Project Description

PassivDom developed a self-sustainable and off-the-grid house that needs no connection to electricity, water, sewage or other utilities.

This house is made of carbon fiber, durable polymers, with a glazing made of 6-pane of guarded glass and other robust, yet sustainable materials. The integrated smart systems include biometric entry control, a solar array with intelligent energy storage smart air quality control with HEPA filters for antibacterial and antivirus protection, human presence detection, reverse osmosis water quality control system with artificial mineralization.

The company used its Climate Innovation Voucher for protecting its intellectual property and building a franchising model. The manufacturing has already started in the United States and Ukraine, using a franchising scheme.

Project Details