VTS Komplekt, a recuperator made of cardboard

//VTS Komplekt, a recuperator made of cardboard
VTS Komplekt, a recuperator made of cardboard 2019-09-17T02:02:03+00:00

Project Description

VTS Komplekt, located in Dnipro, developed “Cardboard AHU” (a ventilation unit with plate type recuperators made of structural corrugation cardboard). The Beneficiary aims to create a ventilation unit with a cardboard recuperator with recovery efficiency close to 75% and a retail price of up to € 300.

A recuperator is a particular purpose counter-flow energy recovery heat exchanger positioned on the crossing point of the supply and exhaust air streams of an air handling system, or in the exhaust gases of an industrial process, to recover the waste heat. The main task of the recuperator is to expel foul air and supply fresh air with specific parameters – temperature, moisture, efficiency.

The use of structural corrugation cardboard to manufacture the recuperator allows for easy modifications in design to optimize the unit for its primary purpose.  As a typical ventilation unit with recuperator costs € 600 –  € 2,500, it takes the customer a long time to recover their investment. A cheaper and more efficient group made from structural corrugation cardboard has the potential to reduce electricity usage and be a lot more accessible for customers.

The company would like to use the voucher for prototype design improvement, testing, technical services to advance patenting and market entry of the Cardboard AHU.


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