Ecoisme, a smart home energy monitoring device

//Ecoisme, a smart home energy monitoring device
Ecoisme, a smart home energy monitoring device 2019-09-17T02:02:11+00:00

Project Description

UPD: On June 26, 2019, Ecoisme officially announced bankruptcy proceedings and informed the project manager about leaving the Climate Innovation Vouchers program

Ecoisme – is a smart home energy monitoring device that detects home appliances and measures active and reactive power and current by connecting to a customer’s breaker. The smart home energy monitor tells a customer how much energy her/his home appliances use and how much money he/she are spending on them. It eliminates grid and solar energy overuse and notifies the customer if something is about to break. The Ecoisme energy monitor lets the customer save approximately 15% of electricity on average.

Ecoisme’s proprietary algorithms use AI and machine learning protocols, enabling customers to see the energy consumption of all connected appliances in their homes and save on electricity by shifting the customer’s consumption to the time of day when electricity prices are the cheapest.

To launch a large-scale manufacturing of the energy monitor, Ecoisme needs to develop a press-form and produce technical documentation for the casing of its energy monitor.


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