UkrTsentr-Grup (a.k.a. Hempire), a carbon-negative insulation material

//UkrTsentr-Grup (a.k.a. Hempire), a carbon-negative insulation material
UkrTsentr-Grup (a.k.a. Hempire), a carbon-negative insulation material 2019-09-17T02:02:20+00:00

Project Description

UkrTsentr-Grup is a Kyiv-based company, has developed a carbon-negative insulation material (“Hempire Mix”) in the form of porridge-like construction mix that is ready to use in 5 minutes using only 100% natural components such as: hemp, proprietary lime-based organic binder, and water. No cement, toxic components or chemicals are used in the mix preparation. The insulation material has high thermal and sound insulation properties, is produced on site and is used to insulate walls, roofs, attics, floors and to erect new walls (with a wooden or other frame in place). One of the advantages of using Hempire Mix is the ability to use one material for different parts of the construction without changing components.

To launch the product on the market, the company needs to obtain a certificate of compliance, which is issued after passing set of tests and trials in certified laboratories and scientific centers. These tests are to determine Hempire’s insulation material for:

•       thermal conductivity

•       flammability

•       vapor permeability

•       strength

The Company wants to perform testing and certification for its hemp-based building insulation material in Ukraine and in the EU.


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