Zond and its portable device GAS-Hi-Q

//Zond and its portable device GAS-Hi-Q
Zond and its portable device GAS-Hi-Q 2019-10-07T18:07:54+00:00

Project Description

Scientific and Production Firm “Zond” provides services for professional diagnosis, technical reviews, and certification of gas facilities, industrial machines, and gas equipment.

Developers created a portable device called GAS-Hi-Q for measuring the calorific output of natural gas. This device detects the gas quality and adjustment of gas boilers parameters. GAS-Hi-Q uses a neural network to process obtained data.

GAS-Hi-Q is cheaper, doesn’t require gas sample combustion, and allows you to get online results quickly. It also measures several gas sample parameters: carbon dioxide concentration, temperature, excess pressure, and humidity.

With the Climate Voucher, “Zond” got all the necessary certifications to start sales and enter the international market.

Project Details